£60  for 6o Minutes

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"There are many ways to get strong, sometimes talking is the best way" - unknown


I am offering 60 minute face to face zoom calls to help with the following: 

  • Self-worth and Self-love 

  • Attachment

  • Inner-healing

  • Shadow work 

  • Relationships

  • Growth and Confidence

  • Intimacy (for women only)

  • Understanding your menstrual cycle (for women only)

  • New Yoga Teacher Mentoring 


Together, let's create some clarity and growth, through the power of talking it out. 


 I can help you unpick the layers of your past, heal and get you to your desired destination. You will feel understood, listened to, supported and reassured you are in safe hands.

Who is this programme for?


Do you feel a bit lost and need a little push in the right direction? these calls are for you. 

We will work with a blend of my teachings ranging from modern psychology as well as ancient teachings like yoga for movement and meditation to learn patterns and habits of the mind.  All of my teachings have been collected on my own journey through embodied experiences and in-depth learning and development. 

All sessions are for 60 minutes

What will happen after?

  • Additional support sessions available at the end of your programme.

  • I will send you a write up of our conversation at the end of each call to help you integrate and deepen the key principles of our conversation so you can reflect upon this.

What is the investment?



(must be paid upfront before the call)

I look forward to working with you.  

(Applications for Spring 2022 can be completed here)