Corporate Yoga


Corporate Yoga is being embraced by many progressive businesses and is a gift for the physical and mental wellbeing of your staff. Jessica offers a range of practices from slow and meditative to energising and active. Yoga provides the benefits of relaxation and stress management along with training, healing and fitness. Altogether, this  may have a powerful impact on both overall culture, performance and costs. 

Benefits Include:

• Increase efficiency, productivity & creativity
• Improve focus under deadline
• Improve mindset, morale and loyalty.
• Enhance employee strength, posture & health & decreases chronic pain
• Decrease employee fatigue & back pain
• Increase Clarity in the mind

On-site and online Yoga Classes

I offer a range of practices, from gentle and meditative to dynamic and strong and I can quickly determine the most appropriate offerings for your staff.


Class Duration: 45-60 minutes, can be modified to suit your needs

6, 8 or 10 week class packages available:

Online: classes start at £30

On-site: classes start at £50

(prices vary depending on class package, class time and area)

One-time Event: £100ph

(prices may vary depending on group size)

Absolute Beginner’s Workshop

This on-site, hands-on interactive workshop teaches the fundamentals of yoga, including basic postures, alignment, adaptations, breathing exercises, basic yogic philosophy and meditation. No experience is necessary.

Class Duration: Once a week for 4-weeks, 45-60-minutes per session, can be modified to suit your needs.

Online: 4 weeks starting at £120

On-site: 4 weeks start at £200

(prices vary depending on class package, class time and area)

Lunchtime Wellness

In addition to on-site classes, online classes and beginners’ workshops, I also offer a series of 45-minute lunchtime wellness practices, from desk-side yoga to stress-management to headache and back-relief and can create custom lifestyle experiences from 30-minutes to 10-day executive retreats.

*Happy to discuss deals on price*