Kids, Teens and Yoga in Schools

Class Descriptions:

Yoga is a discipline that can lead kids on the path towards a calm and balanced mind, as well as help them build a strong and flexible body - tools they can use in their everyday lives. We practice fun-filled yoga poses and breathing exercises to promote: 

• Physical Strength and Flexibility 
• Concentration, Focus and Attention 
• Inner Strength and Body Awareness 
• Confidence and Self-esteem 
• Relaxation and Self-control 
• A Feeling of Well-being and Respect for Others 
• Love for One's Self, Inside and Out 

3 - 4 year olds 
Fun, inspirational classes encourage a child's natural thirst for knowledge. In this imaginative series, we combine simple yoga poses with engaging songs, puppets and stories that exercise social, sensory and motor skills while increasing flexibility.  

4 - 6 year olds

This playful class encourages self-expression as well as building social skills. Children will strengthen their bodies as they learn how to focus through breathing and relaxation techniques. Kids sing, draw and do yoga in this energy releasing class. 

7 - 9 year olds

Improve strength, flexibility, and coordination. Children will learn how to focus and center themselves with various breathing and visualisation techniques. They will also learn self-respect and respect for others with the practice of fun and challenging poses, partner and group poses, yoga games, breathing and basic anatomy. 

10 - 12 year olds

Help build strength and flexibility with more physically challenging postures and flowing sequences. Promote self-confidence, awareness and control. Visualisation and breathing exercises are used for overall balance and concentration, which can be applied toward everyday situations. Partner and group poses are emphasised.

Teens (13 and up)

Using yoga postures to build inner and outer strength and flexibility are the main focus of this class. Also included are partner and group poses and playful yoga games. Experience emotional balance through the physical and mental benefits of yoga by practicing breathing exercises, flowing sequences, balancing poses and deep relaxation while building a healthy relationship with your body. Positive self-awareness and esteem is encouraged.

*Prices vary depending on location and group size*